5 Patterns For 2015

Fashion is a lot more than the shape and the color of your outfit, it is about the fabrics and the patterns on it as much as it is about everything else. This is why patterns are an important part of trends. The following patters are what will matter in 2015 in terms of fashion so those who like to be trendy will surely love these lovely and quite beautiful fabrics.


Geometric patterns

Since everything in 2015 will mean rebellion and free spirit, some of these will also be reflected in oversized patterns. The geometric patterns have been in for a very long time but in the new season things are different, you will have to expect oversized and repeated geometric patterns with a modern twist. You can even go for a more artsy pattern such as surrealism or cubism, that will be an interesting addition to your outfit.

Interrupted and chopped patterns

Another trend that will be in the next season includes a mix of more than two or three patterns on the same outfit. It’s just like taking a few fabrics, cutting them into random pieces, and sewing them together. Some of the designers actually did that, while others ordered entire fabrics with this design.

Floral patterns

A romantic and very chic trend, the floral trend has been in fashion for a couple of years now. Romantic and cute dresses with lace and all kinds of flowers are definitely in this spring and it seems to have become a classic. This year, the patterns are oversized and bold, possibly with a lot of trendy bright colors, which makes them a bit different from what we’ve seen so far.

Gypsy style

Inspired by the beautiful clothes of those who used to travel and dance, the gypsy style clothes are colorful and absolutely amazing. The colors are bright and absolutely lovely in combination with the intricate patterns that usually come with this style. Also, embroidered textiles and intense red colors are genuinely what makes these clothes absolutely amazing.

Animal Print

Animal print always manages to come back into fashion although it’s quite a controversial style. However this time, animal print needs to be as genuine as it gets and colors need to be natural and beautiful. However, it comes with a bit of restraint as those who choose to wear outfits that include animal patterns should know that they have to avoid going overboard. This means that you shouldn’t have a whole outfit with animal print but more like a few elements that show off this style, otherwise it’s a bit kitschy.