Bathing Suit

When you think about summer, this fashion item comes first to mind. I am talking about the bathing suit, an item so simple, yet so important in our wardrobe. Choosing the right bathing suit is an essential part of our summer vacation because some bathing suits look good on some women while others look terrible. If we were to give the bathing suit a definition we would choose to consider it a type of clothing that you wear during water sports or other activities in the sun. Also, another important aspect of the bathing suit is the fact that it allows you to tan your body and some bathing suits are especially designed so that you would get the perfect tan.

The swimsuit has been available since the Victorian era but it has also dramatically changed since then. Even the bathing suits worn in the 30’s or 40s are now extremely odd and most women don’t wear them anymore. However, there are so many styles of bathing suits it can be really hard to find something that will flatter your body.


The available types of bathing suits are: bikini, tankini, one piece or monokini. You probably know that bikini is a two piece bathing suit but tankini is a bathing suit with a tank. On the other hand monokini is a bathing suit that only has a part leaving your breasts exposed. If you aren’t in your best shape and your abdomen is not that toned, a one piece swimsuit is the best option. You can also choose a tankini if you find it more comfortable. For the lucky women who look amazing, any type of bathing suit works just make sure that the color works with your skin tone. Since we mentioned skin tone, the color of your bathing suit is also important. If you are very tanned, you can wear whatever color you like but the light skinned ladies will not want to create a contrast between the color of their swimsuit and their skin. For those with a less toned bottom, a swimsuit that covers your whole area is preferable but make sure that is not too big because it might make your behind area bigger.

Choose your bathing suit carefully and make sure that you feel comfortable in it and the fabric has a nice feeling on your skin. You will have to wear it in the sun and you will also be very much exposed so make sure that you are happy with it.