Men Fashion Bracelets


Bracelets have taken the men’s fashion scene by storm over recent years and it seems the trend is not dying down in the foreseeable future. Fashion icons are also contributing to the popularity of wrist fashion among men. Many men especially those who are conscious about the ever changing trends in fashion in the industry are adopting bracelets. Wrist fashion indeed helps to accentuate the overall look of a man who is clad unofficial or casual wear. For others having wrist fashion is a statements about their personality while for some it simply is just a way to help them stand outlooking stunning.

It must be noted though that men fashion bracelets must be chosen with utmost care so that the wearer doesn’t look more feminine. You basically want to go for those classy bracelets that look classy, fashionable, chic but masculine. It should also be made from interesting materials and colors that highlight class and easily mix and match with the clothing.

To get to know the various types of men fashion bracelet we have sampled a few of the popular types just for you to have a look at them below:

  • Leather bands

The leather band is a tough and masculine bracelet for the wrist fashion that can help bring out a unique fashion. Bracelets made of leather can either be woven or simply crafted as a single piece of leather that wraps once or twice round the wearer’s wrist. To have it fastened on the wrist it can be tied or press studded. Leather bracelets look nice when worn on the same wrist with a classy watch. They help to highlight fashion in a different way that brings out the full masculine look or a real man!

  • Metal chains & cuffs

These are the most common type of male fashion bracelets you will find in the market. They are loved by most men for their simplicity and the ruggedness that they exhibit when worn on the wrist. They should be worn on the right arm opposite the left arm where a classy watch is worn. Just be careful enough to not to buy metallic bracelet that looks more of a bangle. It is best to choose one that is made with oxidized or burnished metals that appear more masculine and not feminine. You definitely want to look more masculine that feminine.

  • Woven fabric bracelet

This type of men fashion bracelet is also popular due to its availability and affordability. It also features varied colors themes thus making it to go well with different kinds of clothing. They are best worn with casual wear clothing especially during the weekends when guys are out doing what they love doing during their free time.