Men’s Celini Rolex Collection

The Cellini Collection from Rolex is one of the most prestigious collections with unique watches that managed to impress the world with their superb design. If you ever wondered what the pieces in this collection are and what you should expect when trying to buy one of these beauties, this article will give you the information you need. Be careful though, these watches are designed for people who have a unique and elegant sense of style and who know how to appreciate art in all its forms. They aren’t cheap and for the average person they practically cost a fortune.


The Cellini Models are: the Prince, Cestello and Danaos and to show the fact that it supports art the Rolex staff used names like Gustavo Dudamel or Rollando Vilazon, remarkable people when it comes to true art.

The Prince model was first released in 1928 and it was one of the most popular watches back then, being remarkable for its precision and the unique design it had for that time. If you own this watch, you should know that is one of those that are hunted by collectors all around the world, especially since they are looking for those who have a manually wound mechanical movement. The price comes in white gold, yellow gold and everose gold.

Cestello is another superb piece from this collection. It comes in white gold with Sapphire and a black mother of pearl dial and a beautiful and classic brown leather strap with buckle. It has a beautiful classy elegance to it, perfect for those men who are searching for the perfect watch that doesn’t show much, but manages to stand out.

Danaos has always been considered a more avant-garde watch and it has been one of the favorite watches of collectors around the world. Danaos comes in white gold with a black and silver dial and a beautiful black leather strap with gold folding clasp.

What’s interesting about this collection is the fact that most Rolex enthusiasts seem to forget about it, although some would say that it has some of the most spectacular watches from the entire Rolex collection.