Nooka Zex Over Sized Watch

Nooka is a company that has managed to get very popular by making crazy designs that actually make sense. This time it created the Nooka Zex watch. A status symbol for the man who prefers things simple and good looking, ZEX is definitely an amazing accessory that will make you fall in love with it the first minutes you get to know it. Whether you want something that you can wear with casual clothes or something that goes well with an edgy but elegant look, this is the go to watch. Definitely a watch for hipsters, unconventional seekers, weirdos and design geeks everywhere, the Nooka ZEX watch is the trendiest thing you can get.

When it comes to technical specifications the ZEX comes with 53 mm in stainless steel, mineral crystal with a very masculine design that will please any attention seeker that wants to get this watch. And when we say attention seeker we mean people who love standing out and this watch can be a great tool for that. Everything makes it stand out: its cool design, the nice shape and interesting lines but also the oversized look that gives you a masculine touch. The square, rounded and weirdly shaped watch is actually pretty cool to have around and with the nice display it will make a perfect wacky gift for someone who appreciates this sort of fashion.


These watches are available in a few designs: silver, gold and black, all with Italian leather band to make them as comfortable as it gets. The mineral crystal will offer great visibility for the cool dial and the interesting analogue dot face will make the watch a conversation starter.

The watch might be a little difficult to read but once you get the hang of it, everything will be smooth. For example, the dots in the circle are the hours and the hashes are the minutes. See? It wasn’t that hard and the good part is that nobody will be able to actually read your watch which is pretty cool. Also, the watch is not at all expensive so you can spoil yourself.