Shoe Trend For Women

When it comes to shoes, the trends always have a great variety every season and this season doesn’t make an exception either. Let’s see what the main trends for shoes are for this year.


Those who love colors will be absolutely amazed by the variety of colors and patterns on the shoes this season. There are endless possibilities and it seems that you can even get floral shoes if you want to be the hottest and the trendiest of them all. However, if you aren’t quite of big fan of floral prints on your shoes you might like some other interesting patterns and the most popular are probably shoes with abstract patterns, which will definitely give you an interesting look.

If you want to keep things simple, neutral shoes are the way to go: you can go for darker orange shades, grey, beige or even peach as long as you make sure that you combine them right with the rest of your outfit.

Shape and sizes

High heels will always be in trend and they are obviously in trend this season also; apparently, there’s quite a big obsession with high heels in the fashion world as it seems that they are getting bigger every year. This also includes platform shoes, those who resemble the 60s look; combined with a beautiful feminine makeup and some peachy colors, you can definitely obtain that 60s cover girl look. Stilettos will also be in trend and there is quite a large variety of them that manages to please even the most uncommon of tastes.

Roman style sandals are another big trend this season and you will definitely need a pair after wearing those high heels mentioned above; these can be used while doing shopping and even with a more elegant outfit as they are easy to wear and extremely comfortable.

When it comes to texture, bold and unusual textures are in trend: cork or wood texture is always a plus when trying to create a perfect trendy look.

Remember to always buy shoes that fit and feel comfortable despite the trends that are dictating the fashion world; your feet will thank you later.