Trends for the Teenage Girl

When it comes to fashion who are the real fashion divas? If you say teenagers then ding, ding you win the prize.

Teenagers are among the most fashion conscious individuals that were ever created, seriously they can make or break a fashion trend; so these girls shouldn’t be ignored and thankfully they haven’t.

Avril Lavigne a singer that had amazing success with songs such as Complicated and Sk8er Boi she has had her finger on the pulse of the teenage girl.

She has branched out into designing clothes for the teenager and her latest collection is inspired by the Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland. She wanted to design a clothing line that reflected the storyline and characters. And now she has launched her junior Alice in Wonderland collection as a part of her Abbey Dawn line.

She scoured through picture binders for the movie and took various elements and infused them into her designs such as her use of the stop watch that belonged to the rabbit, she used that throughout the graphics on different shirts in the line.

She used a lot of floral prints as well such as the flowers with faces and the vibrant colors of the gardens and of wonderland itself.

The collection is rather diverse and includes pieces in black and bright pink. The collection includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, dresses and accessories are quite affordable, all the pieces in the collection are available and are under 50.00.

So if you have a teenager that is either a fashionista or is fashion challenged, then do them a favor and run to the nearest teen themed fashion store and look for the Avril Lavigne Alice In Wonderland collection for Juniors, your teenager will absolutely love you for it.