Women’s Watches

Watches are great accessories to wear with any type of outfit no matter what you are going to combine them with. Even the simplest watches can give your outfit a nice touch so it’s always good to have a watch around. However, there might be a problem with watches when it comes to women because they can usually have problems with the bracelet. If you have a large wrist you might have problems not actually wearing your watch but making it look good so it’s always important to get watches that won’t enhance the size of your wrist.

Michael Kors watches for women

The best type of watches for bigger wrists are those that are a bit oversized such as the Michael Kors  Jet Set Two Tone watch or a watch that has a bigger bracelet as well as a bezel. You can always try watches that are bigger than 32mm and even those with a 38mm bezel. Another type of watch that may seem perfect for larger wrist is a watch that has a square face and comes with big links and the shape will stand out and make your wrist look smaller.

You can also try to wear a watch that looks like a charm as there are many styles out there this season. This type of watch will definitely take the attention away from your big wrist and to its beautiful craftsmanship. Don’t underestimate the importance of a big bracelet and a watch that has a really fancy looking one. A jewelry watch is perfect for women with big wrists and they also look beautifully.

For women with petite wrists you can always use smaller watches but also charm or jewelry watches as they have the same role as they do for big wrists, drawing the attention from the wrist completely. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the biggest watch you wear is at most 32 mm. Women with small wrists can wear minimalistic watches with small bezels and other very thin bracelet watches so that’s a big plus. However, you should completely avoid wearing oversized watches because they will end up looking ridiculous.