A Wet Hair Look

Every new season comes with various new trends and there are many things to consider when looking to obtain the perfect look. The clothes, the accessories, the makeup are all essential but it is also important to not forget about the hair style. This year comes with quite a few designs, some inspired from the past, others with tendencies towards the future. There is one particular hair style that really stood out lately, the wet hair look. Models looking like they just got out of the shower with sopping hair and glistening skin made a big impression for spring and the trend is already becoming popular. While the look is nothing new and quite easy to achieve at home, it is a bold step to make it one of the key styles for such an important fashion year.


To make sure that the effect doesn’t just last until the hair gets dry, the style is not really made with water but with argan hair treatment that can offer the same look if done right. Once the hair gets that wet feel to it, there are many ways to shape it. Tying it in a ponytail seems to be the most popular because it inspires the look after a strong workout. Having it drop freely on the shoulders is also good and it all depends on how you prefer to wear it; the style is easily recognized.

To really complete the look, the skin must be really hydrated and with a small glow. Light makeup is recommended and no bright lipstick; it is very important not to mix different looks in with the wet hair because the results might not be as good as you imagine them to be.

Looking like you just got out of the shower is a great style for this spring and every woman should try it out because it can be a lot of fun. It might take a bit longer to achieve that natural wet look but it will certainly be worth the effort when you get it right; it inspires strength and determination.