Accesory Trends in 2015

Fashion in 2015 will be all about the accessories. And as far as spring 2015 goes you definitely need to include a quirky hat if you want to have anything to do with women’s fashion. Yes, while men’s fashion will include black and white combos and a nautical theme spring for women means a seemingly endless list of quirky accessories starting with hats and ending with the very hip karate style belts and sashes.

With the ‘90s influences being as strong as ever, quirky and colorful will definitely be desirable traits in the 2015 fashion calendar. The influence will be visible from basic fashion items to design and other market elements, particularly in accessories.


Inspirited from a collage of American subcultures next year’s fashion will see the quirky nerd girl reinvented into a colorful and fun person with the help of animal prints and flatforms. The design will be a mix of modern, ‘90s and ‘70s influences and will also bring a lot of colors, particularly in jackets and coats as well as ‘60s inspired miniskirts.

So everything from flatforms to colorful miniskirts or floral dresses will make you look hip next year in this interesting reinterpretation of ‘70s and ‘90s fashion influences.  While it may take many outside their comfort zone, particularly conservative dressers the comfort and functionality of these new influences will undoubtedly create a popular alternative.

Other accessories that you might want to look out for next spring come straight from some of the world’s most famous designers. One of them is the Channel chain strap bag with a pro feminine and pro feminist message. Other beautiful accessories to look out for are the gladiator up-to-the-knee sandals proposed by Chloe. This stunning model will work perfectly with a small ethereal dress.

A real stunner when it comes to bags will be the Celine round bag with added bells. Yes, brass bells on this impressively round and red bag will definitely bring a lot of attention to your outfit next year.

And animal print won’t just be reserved for dresses as Francesco Russo sandals will combine leopard print with some fur detailing creating a unique shoe. You should also make sure to check out the hoop necklaces proposed by Marni. They take their inspiration from ‘90s fashion as well, particularly from a ‘90s staple like friendship bracelets.

Finally, 2015 will be all about platforms, so make sure you check out the floral printed platforms from Prada to get a good idea about what’s going to be in.