Cork Accessories

Cork is probably one of the most versatile materials. However, some people are surprised that cork managed to get into fashion too but it seems that more and more fashion houses show outfits that are accessorized with various cork elements. Cork is quite a versatile material that is used to make light weight shoes that are perfect for summer or spring. It seems that cork is becoming one of our favorite materials this summer. However, let’s see what fashion accessories one should get that are related to cork in order to incorporate it in their outfit and remain trendy.

Since we previously talked about wedges, let’s see what kind of wedges you can buy. Make sure that they are not simple, but more sophisticated styles. The great thing is that you can even find cork wedges that are extremely elegant. You can combine them with casual dress or skirts and they will also look good with jeans for a comfortable every day look during summer.


Another idea you might want to try when it comes to shoes is wearing the classic pumps made out of cork. This is another way to make sure that you wear something lightweight and stay comfortable during the day.

You should also try to incorporate cork while using it as a belt. There are a lot of interesting belts that will give more personality to your outfits, and these belts are usually made of cork in combination with other materials.

If you are looking for places where you can buy more cork fashion items you should be checking out the eco fashion companies. They manage to use cork in their jewelry too, which is handmade. If you absolutely adore cork shoes, eco companies can give you the variety you might need as this is sometimes their main material since cork regenerates easily after it is harvested as it is made from oak tree.

If you ever wanted to wear something different, cork will most definitely be that unique and trendy fashion element that you need this summer. You will manage to impress your friends with your versatility and cool fashion sense.