Everyday Makeup Fashionable

If you are tired of your boring every day makeup and want to improve it but don’t know how, you will definitely find some good tips in the next part of the article. Makeup is an important issue and it makes us look amazing but it can also make us look dull and old, so make sure that your makeup is always trendy and adds a little color on your overall look.

  • Add a beautiful red lipstick – Choose red lipstick to match your undertone. Red lipstick is always in fashion and it will always be one of the sexiest symbols of fashion. However, a lot of women are doing all the red lipstick look wrong by choosing a color that doesn’t complement their face. If you have olive or darker (brownish) skin, a lipstick that is darker and has a yellow undertone will definitely look amazing on you. However, if you have that type of dark skin that is intense (more like an intense black) or a very pale skin with a little redness, you probably have a cooler undertone. Those with warm undertone should choose red colors like coral or peachy, but those with a cooler undertone will look better with colors like purple or blue red.
  • Use natural colors like bronze, caramel, peach, or orange to enhance the glow of your tan. If you are not tanned, you can use a little bronzer on your cheeks and forehead. Natural colors are in trend right now, so get rid of the black eyeliner and boring colors and make sure that you glow, even if you are at work. Using pink or latte colors on your lips will make this look be even more natural and sweet so make sure that you have some of those colors in your makeup kit.
  • Use a good concealer. There’s nothing better than a healthy skin and using a good concealer can help you hide your blemishes and achieve that beautiful flawless look. Don’t buy the most expensive brand but something in between will be best. You don’t want something that will smear, you want something that lasts and manages to give you full coverage until the day ends. Don’t forget that the new trend is mostly about concealer and less about foundation so minimal coverage is better.


You can create great looks by combining different colors and styles but makes sure that you remember the main trends mentioned above.