Fashion for Short Ladies

Every woman can have an impressive look. However, many ladies that are around 150 cm do not believe in this sentence. They are looking all people from the bottom upwards and feel like small girls. Short ladies dream to weak up like the gifted models of at least 170 cm and to step on the catwalk. They are afraid that because of their small stature they would never have an elegant look.

Certainly, this is not truth. Every person, being it tall or short, slim or over weighted, male or female, can have great appearance. The important thing is to wear the proper clothes, which are in conformity with the particularities of the figure. There are some tips, which can help every short lady to feel good and to be elegant despite of the missing centimeters.


The most important in the selection of topcoats is their length. They should not be very long – the best length is around the knee. The long silhouette of coats and cardigans make the figure look taller, but the length below the knee can make the figure even shorter. Slim figures look great in lighter colors, but if there are some kilos plus, shades of gray, brawn, and blue are better. Large prints and multicolored fabrics are killers of the short stature. Many details are also not a good idea. The best are simple cuts, made of fine fabrics. Coarse fabric, cardigans with coarse effect yarns or coats with fur are not for small women.

The choice of a particular ensemble has to be done on the basis of the following parameters: length of the clothing, width in the low part of the body, colors, materials used and accents. Very short or very long skirts make the figure shorter. The best length is 3/4 or 7/8. However, it is not valid for pants – the normal length is much better compared to 7/8 length (Capri trousers). The best shape for pants is “cigarette” type for slim figures or with flared legs, for not so slim ladies. It is better the jackets to be with classical length and cut, as very short or very long jackets are not appropriate for short figures.

The best accessories are the small ones. Hats, bags, belts – everything should be of smaller or normal size. Heels of 4 to 6 cm length are most appropriate, in any case very long heels just underline the lack of stature. High tails and buns should be avoided as well.