Fashion Trends of Summer

Summer is the perfect season to bring out the fashion in everyone. There are many fashionable colors to add to your summer wardrobe. This year’s fashion colors include turquoise, purple, yellow, red and green. Turquoise reminds me of beautiful calm water, purple is very exotic, yellow is like sunshine and red is a hot color and it will turn heads and catch everyone’s attention, and green represents nature.

When you think of summer you think of hot weather, going swimming and staying cool, well there are many summer fashion trends to help you be cool.

Denim is always in fashion with jackets, vests, jeans and dresses, there are leggings made to be the color of denim, which are a very popular fashion trend.

Pre ripped jeans are a real fashion trend for the younger society. Jumpsuits are back this year as well as tie-dye clothing with all the light cheerful colors.  Short shorts are in fashion and are being worn with wedges or sandals. Clogs have made a come back as well, flip flops are very popular and they come in many colors and go with your entire summer wardrobe. Hair styles are changing; many women are wearing their hair up in a bun, to stay cool. Beaded jewelry is back, wear a necklace with any fashions to enhance your colors. Floral prints makes you feel like you are wearing summer, the floral print puts you in a happy mood. Sheer fabric is here to stay keeps you feeling sexy and cool all summer long. To finish of your fashion for the summer, pick out a good pair of sunglasses, making sure they are the correct ones that will protect your eyes and be in fashion at the same time. Hats are in fashion to protect you from the sun, there are many styles and colors to keep you in the fashion trend of summer.