Do you know that the gloves history begins with the prehistoric people who lived in caves? Our ancestors used bags to protect their hands and feet not only from cold, but from thorns and spines as well. Initially, the gloves were made of deer or sheepskin. During the centuries, they obtained slowly new design, which was also more convenient. Fingers appeared on gloves, thus providing more comfort and ease of movement.

red gloves

Starting from the 11th century the gloves became a symbol of class, sophistication and high social status. In the 12th century they were already part of the fashion trends and inseparable part of male and female wardrobe. Nowadays gloves are a perfect symbol of femininity, style, finesse and charm. Contemporary fashion of gloves is enriched with new and interesting design solutions. Gloves are great accessory that stylishly complements every outfit, besides their function to protect your hands from cold weather.

Here is the focus of the fashion world of gloves:

  • Leather gloves. They are back on top. But the truth is that they will never go out of fashion. Leather gloves are not always practical, but certainly very beautiful and elegant. The most used designs cover the elbow. When choosing leather gloves, take in mind that they have to be soft, elastic and warm. Do not forget to check the quality of paint and seams. This can be done with a wet napkin or light fabric: rub the leather outside and inside. If there are no signs on the napkin, the painting is of good quality. Otherwise you risk to be at work with green, blue or black hands…
  • Velvet gloves. There are different types of velvet gloves: smooth velvet, ribbed, moulded or with wrinkled effects. Velvet is trendy, but still losing the competition with leather gloves and even with lace. You may combine these gloves with other materials like satin, chiffon, or wool cloth.
  • Satin gloves. Recently they are widely used by designers. They are made of silk threads in sateen patterns. However, satin gloves have special place in the wardrobe and are suitable only for evening or formal occasions.
  • Lace gloves. Lace as a whole is on a pedestal as a symbol of femininity and sexuality. Lace gloves provoke, influence and conquer. They are extremely fine, elegant, and sophisticated accessory. They are not only delicate, but also mysterious part of ladies clothing.

Knitted gloves. Knitted patterns usually look not so elegant as the leather and are used more in sportswear or in free time. However, they protect perfectly from cold and are much cheaper, compared to leather gloves. If you love to wear knitted hats and scarves, you can choose a great set. Be careful with the composition: the presence of wool fibers will make you feel wormer. Acrylic fibers are cheaper and are frequently used instead of pure wool. On the other hand wool is not recommendable for children, as it can provoke allergic reactions due to the protein inside. Pure wool gloves sometimes smell very unpleasant when wet.