How to Dress Fashionably

A very famous filmmaker once said that it takes many years of hard work to become an overnight star. This is definitely true in case of fashion. If you want to acquire the reputation of wearing fashionable clothes at all times, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and do a lot of research and homework. If you have the habit of picking up clothes off the shelf, it is obvious that you will never acquire the fashionable tag.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that spending lots of money on your clothes will automatically make you look fashionable. There are many people who analyze their physique, cultural surroundings, and expectations and choose their clothes wisely. If you work as an investment banker and if you wear bright clothes to your office, chances are high that you would be accused of violating fashion rules. The banker is expected to be stylish but not brash or loud. In the same way, if you walk in wearing formals for a disco party, it is obvious that you will be sniggered at.

It is obvious that your fashion quotient depends not just on your clothes but also on your surroundings. Always remember that fashion is nothing but the perception that other people have about you and your dressing sense.

Of course, if you don’t give a damn about what others thinks and if you just want to be pleased when you look at yourself in the mirror, you can dress any way you want and still call yourself fashionable. However, the popular definition of this word includes third party opinion and that just cannot be avoided.

The next time you buy clothes, just imagine the various occasions on which you will wear the same and think of how your friends and your peers will react. With practice, you will get the perception right and choose the best possible clothes.