How To Wear A Modern Flapper Dress

Flapper was a term given to modern women in the 20s. They were pretty tabu in that time because they wore short dresses, makeup that was considered more dramatic, and they were known to have a lot of fun. They are a symbol of feminism in times when smoking, drinking, and driving were things unsuitable for women.

You can wear a modern flapper dress yourself if you accessorize it properly or if you modify it a bit. A shorter version of the flapper dress can be the right thing for you and you can also accessorize it with a colorful belt. Another way to modify your flapper dress is by adding patterns to the material; the original flapper dress was in one color and it kept everything very simple but you don’t need to limit yourself to that. Cleavage was missing so you can add a few more cuts to make it sexier if you want it to be a bit more revealing.

Accessorizing your dress in the 20s style is pretty simple. A black band on your head or a long necklace with white beads will look amazing with the flapper dress. Long and opulent earrings were also extremely trendy in the 20s so make sure that you have a pair of those. You should also use black eyeliner, fake lashes and a dark lipstick if you want to obtain the look. Dark or brown eyeshadow will also work to accentuate the eye socket and get that dramatic powerful eye look.