Knit Pants Are Both Stylish And Comfortable

Knit items are in and have been for the last couple of years. From ridiculous holiday themed sweaters to textured patches on other clothing items and everything in between, knitwear is and has been in. And while sweaters are also an extremely hip fashion item, knitwear will also include bottoms this year with knit pants being one of the most fashionable and useful items you can wear during the cold months.

Whether you will go for a top and bottom pairing for all out comfort and warmness or you will try to combine one of the two with some other type of material you will certainly be in style. Knit pants can range in both shape, color and altogether form. Whether you want to go for a cropped silhouette, a tapered or a very long one it doesn’t matter, as everything goes as far as knit bottoms are concerned.

The more visible the knitting the better, as the rough texture will work particularly well with the other smooth materials of the season. As far as color goes, the darker the better, but depending on the occasion a touch of color or pastel can do wonders. The major colors will be black, brown and every shade of grey imaginable. They can either be form fitting pants or baggier versions, depending on what you will be pairing them with and what the weather will be like, of course.

In order to achieve a more dynamic texture, some knit pants will also come with a fold over waist or even side pockets. This won’t just give them a more urban feel, but it will also increase the practicality of the fashion item.

They can be perfectly paired with just about any type of sizeable boot and long top, be it knit or from another type of material and texture. Knit pants or the knit top and bottoms combos can also work great for a more stylish venue, while the classic knit will be the perfect way to dress for your casual day-to-day outings.

When it comes to pairing the color of the knit pant with that of the top, fall colors will certainly work best. Kaki and brown is a classic combo that won’t just be extremely fashionable this season but also very practical. Again, most greys will work with darker tones being perfect for rough textures and lighter tones working best with something more discreet and elegant.

If you want to include a hat or beanie for extra warmth feel free and remember that the bigger the hat the more in style the overall look will be. Try to remain within the same color coordinates and you will certainly impress with your new look.