Look Good In Pink

Let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of fashion items that look amazing in a pink color or any variation of pink. With the trends being how they are, women have to compromise and wear the colors considered trendy, but what can they wear that won’t look weird in pink? Here is a list of fashion items that will certainly look good in pink.

Dresses – dresses always look good in pink but make sure it’s not a very electric pink because that might be too much. Opt for a pale pink dress if you want a perfect outfit for a summer day or even a dirty pink if you are feeling like you want to give your outfit a more urban touch.  Also, accessorize it as even the cutest color like pink can become dull if you don’t combine it with the right accessories.

Trousers – it may feel weird to have a pair of pants that are pink, but you can totally pull this look off. Any type of pink would look great as long as you manage to have neutral colors on the rest of your outfit. A pair of pink pants can be that fashion item that will take out your look from having a dull style. The great thing is that you can combine it with almost anything just make sure that you don’t add more pink to your outfit, that’s just terrible. A lot of women believe that dressing in pink from head to toe is a right decision but it just hurts people’s eyes and a fashion no-no.

Shoes – it’s quite easy to wear pink shoes, from sandals to stilettoes so go for it. If you simply want to have a fashion item that will be pink but don’t want to go overboard, shoes are probably the safest idea. They don’t attract that much attention to yourself and they can look amazing with almost any outfit as long as you manage to combine the colors.

These are just a few of the fashion items that look good in pink but don’t forget about accessories if you want to incorporate that color in your wardrobe.