Louis Vuitton Handbags For Men

When it comes to handbags, men are often neglected, but definitely not by Louis Vuitton. Tcame up with many handbag collections for men which are definitely showing that more and more men are using bags as accessories and they are proud about it. And why wouldn’t they be proud while wearing a Louis Vuitton bag?


Utah Tattoo was one of the collections this year and it featured a tattoo design on every handbag. This was definitely a unique approach to the art of handbag making and for this beautiful collection Louis Vuitton worked closely with Scott Campbell. The end result is definitely remarkable and the beautiful tattoo makes the handbags in this collection even more eye candy. If you want to feel unique and you are a bit of a rebel, get a Louis Vuitton bag from the Utah Tattoo.

Articles de Voyage is another beautiful collection that just reminds us of long traveling and expanding horizons. These great bags are crafted with a great idea in mind – having a military look. They are definitely durable since they are made from denim and the colors and design makes them really cool for that urban boy look. Also, great to take at work and school since you can fit a high number of items inside of these bags.

Utah Leather collection is made from the durable and nice looking famous Utah leather. It is definitely a casual collection for those real men who want to achieve the rugged cowboy look. Very comfortable and durable, these handbags are great for everyday wear and will last a long time even if you aren’t delicate with them.

If you want a Louis Vuitton bag that will be easy to carry, light, and ultra-functional, you will love the Damier Aventure collection. The handbags are made from nylon and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Suited for everyday wear, gym wear, and even school wear these handbags are the expression of packing things light. They come in two colors, Blue and Graphite, for those men who like classic design.

Monogram Impression is one of the sophisticated collections made from denim with extra durable features. This handbag, although made from denim, has a special feature as it is partially waterproof. Of course, it will get wet if you put it in a tub of water, but if it starts raining you will be sure that your items inside won’t get wet. It also has a great urban design that can be combined with anything.