Makeup Trends For Spring

When it comes to trends, you can find new trends in all the areas that deal with the way we look, even makeup. Makeup trends have been different from period to period throughout history as a way to express social change or even important progress of mankind. There is a strong connection between makeup and clothes trends so designers managed to combine the two perfectly for this year’s trends.

There seems to be a tendency to use different types of reds and for the red color in general. It doesn’t even matter what type of red it is, all the colors are amazing, even crimson red, dark red, bright red,  a more vintage orange looking red, glossy red or even fuchsia red. Lips are supposed to be red this season and the fashion designers managed to express that a lot.

Liquid eyeliners are also very in trend this season and it doesn’t even matter what color you choose. Although classic cat eyes are definitely in, there are many other combinations you can do with eyeliners and there is a tendency for crazy colors when it comes to eye makeup. Blue, purple and gold eyeliners seem to have a special place in this season’s trends. However, they are not for everybody so make sure that they match your eye color, your skin tone and other colors you would want to use in your makeup. Cat eyes can be designed in various styles, from modern looks to classic cat eyes. You can go crazy and choose different lines or even more elongated lines for your eye makeup.

Thick brows seem to be in this season as they will give you a more natural but also innocent look. This doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of your brows, so make sure that you still tweeze them and use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps. The great thing about fuller brows is the fact that they make you look younger.

Your makeup shouldn’t stop at these trends only, you can also improve your style by adding different other elements that you find suited for your look