Men Fashion Trends

There will be a lot of ways to make sure that you are following the trends in 2015 and with the plethora of looks and colors provided by the high end fashion houses, it’s going to be easy to comply.

men fashion 2015

Blue and Uniforms

Yes, you read that correctly, blue is one of the main colors of next year and it seems like a lot of the jackets and shirts will be inspired from uniforms. And who doesn’t like a man in a uniform? It’s definitely going to be a hot trend. This aside, you will also see a lot of pea green and warm sage like colors that are used in a lot of uniforms nowadays.

Obviously, navy blue is going to be a thing and it seems that indigo is gaining a lot of territory in the 2015 trends. You will also love the combinations with black and white that give all these vivid colors some balance.

Brown shades and knitted clothing

These brown shades have been making their way since 2014 so there’s no wonder they are going to be a major trend in 2015. Especially during the colder season, knitted wear is in fashion and choosing shades that resemble chocolate or warm beige will be a great idea for those who want to make sure that they stay warm and fashionable. Also, make sure that you combine those earthy tones with red hues because this combination is going to be the norm in 2015.

Neutral colors

For those of you who don’t really want to choose a certain color and don’t particularly like to dress by using colors there are some neutrals that have been added to this year’s trends. Grey elements, a washed blue or a steel like color are some of the things we have in mind.

Dark and lustrous

Those who want to go for a darker look definitely have the means in 2015 as there will be a lot of wine colored elements they can use, not to mention a plethora of materials that are waiting to make the sophisticated man sparkle: nylon, silk or poplin are just a few of them. All these can set the mood for a more elegant but quite unusual look but they can also be part of an outfit that goes more on the gloomy side. No matter what it is, you are doing it right because 2015 aims to be both gloomy and fabulous, as catwalks seem to portray the glamorous vampires we’ve been encountering in pop literature.