Men Watches Trend

The Art Deco style seems to be more and more visible in the new collections.

More and more minimalistic watches are being made and designers like Michael Kors, Armani and Movado are using this approach as their signature for the new collections. Even if Movado has been selling minimalistic watches for a few years, this new collection features some interesting variations of their classic watches. A lot of black and white watches are being made and the designs keep getting simpler and simpler. There are also some other popular colors such as red, blue and green and just as the jewelry trends, watches can become colorful while respecting that minimalistic approach.


The materials used in new watches collections are plastic and leather, two materials that are not that glamorous but seem to be making a comeback. Big metal watches are also a trend and there also seems to be a unique approach to a fusion of materials; plastic straps are the first choice for sports watches while metal and leather straps remain a great option for more elegant watches. Crocodile leather seems to be the favorite of this season when it comes to leather straps though.

 Tissot, Omega and Luis Vuiton have been improving their straps styles and come up with new models for their collections; also it seems that these classic brands watches have suddenly become more bright with colors like olive, emerald, yellow and orange.