Military-Inspired Boots With A Twist

Those that grew up in the 90s, surely remember the boots that looked a lot like the ones worn in the military but without being so bulky and heavy; they were fashionable boots and every high school was filled with them. 2016 brings us a glimpse of that style but as fashion is always changing, so are these boots.


For those that didn’t get to see them back then, these are high boots made from sturdy leather that have a thick bottom and a very classic shape. The laces go all the way up and they offer a very tight fit. As far as style goes, they were popular because of what they stand for and a pair of white military boots is as rebellious as you can get. Today’s boots however may look the same if you watch from the front but as soon as you turn around you can notice what makes them so special, they are actually combat boots mules. This basically means that the top of the boot is not there, leaving an opened and comfortable boot-looking mules.

While they might not be very effective in rough terrain, they work just well for a spring outfit when you are feeling a bit more adventurous. Taking a break from high-heels can be a good idea once in a while and these boots offer a very comfortable and fashionable alternative. They are also quite easy to match with a cute top and some leggings as well as a nice skirt.