Neutral Shoes

Every woman loves shoes but few women have a pair of neutral colored shoes in their wardrobe. If you plan on investing in a good pair of shoes, make sure is a pair of a neutral colored shoes, such as beige or peach, they will work wonders on your legs. Also, make sure that they have high heels that will also be a great addition. Here are some of the reasons why neutral colored shoes are such great fashion accessories.


1 – They extend your legs – When you are wearing a pair of shoes that are the same color as your skin, your legs will look longer and thinner.  This is a great tip that no fashion designer will tell you but it’s very true and you can easily check it yourself the next time you try on new shoes. A darker colored shoe will create an effect of shorter legs so if you want to look like you have the longest legs when wearing a short skirt, the best approach is to get a pair of shoes that have the same color as your skin.

2 – They go well with everything – If you wear a skin colored shoe, the neutral color will fit anything you wear so don’t hesitate to buy a pair for those days when you simply can’t decide what to wear with a difficult to accessorize outfit.

3- They are extremely elegant – There’s something extremely classy about beige or peach shoes that make a woman more feminine and definitely more elegant. Wear them with your best outfits and you will surely impress everybody. Also, try to match some of your accessories with the color of your shoes if there is nothing on your outfit that has the same color, it will make you look more stylish.

On the other hand, skin toned shoes might have a downside especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot. They can be pretty hard to maintain and require cleaning almost every day, but that’s a small price to pay for how much they have to offer in terms of fashion.