Things to Consider When Buying a Replica Watch

No doubt about it, a watch is the most important male accessory. It is a classic fashion statement. It says a lot about your style and personality. This is why when you buy a watch you need to be very selective and choose the model that represents you best. Below we are going to talk about 5 essential things you should consider when buying a replica watch online.

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Casual or elegant?

There are casual sporty looking watches and there are elegant luxurious timepieces. The first category is intended for weekends and evenings spent with friends out on the town while the second one is for the office, for important business meetings and formal events. If you need a watch that will make an impression at work then choose a classic design in simple lines and refined details. If you are attending a formal event and you need something luxurious then you can opt for a replica watch with diamonds on the dial, bezel or bracelet. But if you are the bohemian type who likes to dress casual then a sporty timepiece is the best choice for you.

Stainless steel bracelet or leather strap?

Indeed, a stainless steel bracelet is far more practical and durable than a leather strap. But the truth is that a leather band looks more sophisticated, elegant and traditional, plus it is way more comfortable. Another thing you should consider when you buy your replica watch is that the stainless steel bracelet is very versatile. It can be worn both with a business suit and with casual attire.

The size of the case

Another important thing is to decide on the size of the case and believe me when I say that the choices are impressive. There are small, medium, large and extra-large replica watches.  If you have a big wrist then you can opt for one of the more modern and manly looking large or extra-large cases. Do not buy a small watch even if you like its design because it will end up looking like a ladies watch once you wrap it around your wrist. The smaller men’s timepieces look good only on those who have a small wrist. Usually these type of watches have a more traditional and elegant design and they go very well with a formal attire.

The Color of the Dial and Strap

Nowadays, the trend is to wear a replica watch that has the dial and strap in a vibrant and youthful color. Even expensive luxury designers have started adopting this trend and luckily for us, now the diversity of color combos and designs is very rich. If this is your first replica watch then I suggest buying a classic design in traditional colors like white, black, blue or gold for the dial and a stainless steel or brown/black leather strap. This type of watch will go with your office clothing and also with most of your casual outfits. You can opt for a bright colored watch when you place your second or third order. This fake watch will be the perfect touch of modernity for your relaxed looks.