This year fashion trends

It is never too early to start organizing our wardrobe and see what things to expect from the upcoming year. It seems full of potential and the economic problems have started to diminish, thus letting individuals to persuade their own fashion ideas. Let’s see what the new year has planed for us in terms of fashion and how it will differ from this year’s trends.

As far as the colors go, these will probably not be so glamorous and a bit more subtle that what we were used to. Black will be most likely seen in every outfit and the classical look will mostly prevail, at least in the cold season. Also, you can expect a lot of white and grey during the winter and things might change with change of seasons when everything will come to life.


If you already think about buying your summer clothes, you should lean towards more colorful clothes. Red, green and yellow have always had a huge success during the summer and remember that the way you match your clothes with your accessories matters a lot. Try to make your outfit look as natural as possible and don’t try too hard to make something that stands out. If handmade jewelry were a bug success in 2019, you can expect them to also be in fashion in the summer of this year due to their incredible colors. Teenagers will be those that will surely embrace this trend because it represents their active life style. The military style will fade but we will probably still be able to see it in some fashion trends; maybe not as much as in previous years.


It seems that next year will not be just about showing off and buying expensive outfits. Comfort will play a big role in fashion and you can expect to see more baggy clothes rather than the tight jeans we were used to in 2018. As far as nails go, it seems that the complicated designs with different colors will not be such a big hit in 2019 and that simple black nails are the best way to go.


Accessories seem to become bigger so you can expect them to play an important role in your outfit for the future year. Always try to match everything with style and never be afraid to just add your own flavor on it. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and not about copying something from a magazine.