What Hair Color To Choose

When it comes to hair colors, not everybody looks great with a specific one and when the trends tell you that a certain color is fashionable it can be quite hard to go for that color if it doesn’t suit you. Dying your hair in a color that doesn’t suit you but its fashionable is definitely not the solution; you should always try to adapt the trends to your needs and never adapt yourself to the trends.


Red color is one of the trendiest colors this season but it definitely doesn’t suit all women. If you are a bit more daring you can choose the “reddest” color there is but make sure that you don’t have blemishes or other imperfections because even the smallest imperfections will stand out with that color. If you love red you can choose softer colors like orange, honey red, blondish red, etc. If you want darker colors you can always go for black with red reflexes.

Brown and dark colors are also in fashion. Black color is amazing but only for those with white skin or a little bit of tan. Otherwise, you should avoid blacks and opt for a softer version like a dark brown or a very dark red. Browns will work for any kind of skin shades and it’s the safe color to go for this year. If you want a conventional look and you don’t really like standing out too much, different shades of brown will keep you in the trends without making you look like you tried too much.

When it comes to blonde, you have such a big variety of colors to choose from: honey blonde, grey blonde, dark blonde, etc. Make sure that the color suits you and if you want something edgy you can always choose the unusual shades of blonde like the grey and silver ones.